Saturday, December 25




Merry Christmas ...


how did everyone spend their Christmas?

i arrived at Makuhari because of MUSIC STATION SUPERLIVE

people who read my nikki every year, might have known already

before the actual performance,
i was in the resting room together with everyone in NEWS
we were having our bentou
while watching live broadcast on television

because there were some free time before the actual performance

i went to the gym centre together with ryo-chan, yasuda, murakami-kun and okura

also went to sauna to relax for a while!

it's about time for me to prepare for the actual performance

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yamapi is so cute at the beginning of this nikki entry
trying to be funny XD

yeah~ for spending time with kanjani8 members!!
i can see that yamapi will be frequently going out with kj8 people.
didn't he mention in one of his magazine interviews that he had started going out with kj8 people?

did everyone watch NEWS' performance on MSSL, last night?
if not, you can watch it here!!

credit Suteaka0608j62@YT

personally, i think this is the best Fighting Man performance ever,
there are so many fan service in it!!

yamapi simply look gorgeous in this performance!!
♥ the outfit
♥ the hairstyle

and massu's and pi's fan service, during their solo part, are awesome!!
i want to be the girls whom massu sang to!! *sorry yamapi X)*
moreover, i realize that massu had been an extrovert recently (which is something very good)
he became more lively and cute :D
♥ it!


  1. Merry Christmas.... Eve &
    Merry Christmas
    I've been busy with the holidays i haven't watched the video yet....
    ^o^ Pi hanging with K8 members!

  2. @newsxo: MERRY CHRISTMAS!! Hope that by the time you got time to watch it, JE haven't removed it from YouTube :)