Sunday, December 26




Merry Christmas

i'm thinking of wanting to give presents to all of you

please wait till the day of the concert

regardless of whether the time is long or short

hope that today everyone are able to spend happy moments with your family, friends or your loved ones

today, the entire day, i've been having magazine photoshoot for [Ashita no Joe]

this time all the photos taken will be published in many magazines

therefore, please pay attention to all the magazines!

but to pay attention to all might be a bit too over...wrong, it should be extremely over  

then pay attention to those you can see

hungry for comments and they are love!
please write it in the cbox located at the sidebar
or you can post your comments in the comment box beneath this post ^^

thank you in advance, yamapi!!
looking forward to your gift to us!!

by the way,
the covers for the album and the single is out!! *uber happy*

Album - Super Good Super Bad LE, RE respectively

i like the LE version best.
he looked hip-hoppish and cool in it~♥
also not forgetting to credit his kissable lips XD

4th Single - Hadakanbo LE Type A, LE Type B and Regular Edition respectively

actually, i'm quite surprised with the choice of the photos for the LE version.
i didn't expect him nor his agency to place his baby photos as the covers for his upcoming single X)
wonder whose idea was it?
i got a feeling that it's johnny-san's idea as he was the one who decided on the title of this single.
hopefully, when i pre-order for this single, i could get these 2 covers X)

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