Friday, December 10




since this morning, it has been
magazine photo shoots for the movie [Ashita no Joe]

since i entered the entertainment industry, this can be considered as
the top ranking for the number of photo shoots that i had done

it started at 11 in the morning
right now it's 8 at night

had two mouthful of rice
and continue to work till now

still got to persevere for a while

after which today, the announcement was made!

next year January 19, single 「はだかんぼー」 will be released

January 26 will be the released for the album 「SUPERGOOD, SUPERBAD」

it includes fast tempo songs and club style songs

there are many different types of song genres and my thoughts added into it

everyone please listen to it, i will be very happy!

break time is over soon
shall continue with the photo shoot!

hungry for comments and they are love!
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that is sweet for yamapi to update his nikki while he is busy with photo shoots.
and it's a long entry too.
i think he must have accumulate a lot of thoughts and things to say to us,
that's why it's a long entry yesterday.

and super yeah that yamapi is going to release an album and a new single soon! ^-^
but the hole in my pocket is getting big too!
i had the concert DVD to be ordered, the concert ticket to buy, and now the single and the album
but i'm happy :D

here's the tracklist and goodies which can be found in his first solo album:
i'm happy too that it contains 2 cds and a dvd!!!!!!
however, i'm curious as to why some songs are classfied as supergood whereas some are classified as superbad.
anyone knows?!

and i think the title of the album is a bit..............................(hard to explain).
why this title? *curious*

and under this link you can find the information with regards to the single:
unfortunately, there isn't any dvd for this single
it's okay, it's better than none.

original posting:-
date: 12.12.2010
time: AM12:01


  1. There goes all my money that I'd hope to save \(^0^)/
    i want the DVD from the album ^___^ I soon hope NEWS albums will include DVDs like the one Pi has in his

  2. however, in NEWS latest album, they included a DVD featuring their unplugged performance. have you bought it?!