Thursday, December 16




today, because i need to attend nippon tv's music program
hence, i arrived at the Makuhari Messe.

mentioning Makuhari Messe
reminds me of Music Station, holding its program over there every year,
during Christmas season

thinking "this year, it already reached this time of the year"

always feels that time really fly past fast

it seems that the album is about to be produced finish!

or should i say
it's completed  

because it contains slightly stronger flavor songs, therefore please look forward to it

as for the single
[はだかんぼー], though i've listened to it quite a lot, i still think that the title has a huge impact 

but, it's a song which the more you listen to it the more you find its essence

hence, please look forward to it too!!

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whao! it's quite a long entry.
there are so many information in it!
can't wait for the album and single!!

have everyone watched their performance on BEST ARTIST 2010?
if you haven't,
please watch it from the embedded video below:

credit EmbeddablePlayer@YT

i like pi's pink jacket~! ♥
and somehow pi look sweet in it.

in addition, even though it stated that it's a medley,
there are only 2 songs!! =/
oh well~


  1. Congrats Pi! Completed Album ^-^
    I love Massu at the very end of the video♥
    And I can't help but notice NishiKato dancing at 0:47

  2. i didn't notice what massu did at the end of the video. i think i have to re-watch it. haha!