Monday, December 27



today is the birthday of my close friend whom i known from high school!

initially, it was planned to celebrate the party with everyone
but because he wasn't in Tokyo
therefore, the planned has been called off

don't know why, recently i felt that the time
went past with a blink of an eye

to celebrate with that chap
this is the 9th time

i shall not waste anymore time
in order to improve everyday, i shall
work hard

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  1. *(^-^)* Supporting you Pi!

  2. it's shirota yuu's birthday, happy belated birthday!
    pi is really closed with his shinyu ne~
    oh, first time commenting, but i've been following your translation for quite awhile.
    thank you so much for sharing!

  3. @Anonymous: you're welcome and thank you for following my blog for quite sometime :) do comment often; comment when you feel like it ^-^