Wednesday, December 8

vol. 2478



recently, it's very cold
no one catches a cold right?

i totally have the symptoms for a cold
but they are only small symptoms

not too long ago, i couldn't stop sneezing
i reckoned the number of times i sneezed must have attained the highest record

everyone please take note too not to catch a flu.

i'm on my way to cut my hair.  

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no! please be careful pi.
don't catch a flu~
please rest well.
what matters most is health; without health you can't do a lot of things ^-^

you cut your hair!!!
REALLY REALLY curious as to what pi's hair is, right now :)

his hairdresser don't do crazy experiment on his head

original posting:-
date: 12.9.2010
time: PM9:08


  1. Hair Cut!!
    Please take care Pi♥

  2. haha If i ever see him, I'm going to tell him that the he sneezes because of us fangirls missing him LOL xD

    Can't wait to see his haircut xD!

  3. @blursakana: that's a great answer. and i think pi will feel bless and happy to the extent that he doesn't mind sneezing the whole day :D what if it really is this reason, then i would think that it's amazing.