Monday, December 13

no entry

pi-chan didn't update his nikki,

i do not think pi will update his nikki these few days as he will be in Hong Kong to promote his first solo concert tour there~

and everyone, i will not be attending his concert in Hong Kong :(
as something crop up at the very last minute - which doesn't allow me to have time to react at all.
in addition, i do not have the time to plan for this trip too.
therefore, i have disappointingly decided not to attend this momentous event.
i am so depress with the outcome that i forgot to bring my keys to work today :D

after which i realize how important and happening this event is in my life.
and after what had happened last night,
i had decided that i should not depend all my hopes on one person - as i realize that the most reliable person in the world is yourself.
you, yourself, can make whatever thing which you wish to happen, to happen in your life.
sometimes, reliability is a form of laziness and unsporting from your side.
i shall not be lazy anymore and "rectify" some actions which deem as necessary to eliminate possible regrets in my life.

**moreover, i am not shooting anyone or what.
i just feel like noting this feeling and thoughts down for future encouragement and reference =)

ganbatte me!
ganbatte yamapi!
ganbatte everyone!


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