Wednesday, December 15

no entry

still, there is no update from pi~
maybe he was tired from his trip to Hong Kong last weekend X)

yesterday was my younger brother's enlistment day.
he is my only brother, therefore everything that we went through and experience yesterday, was fresh and first-handed.

this is the very first time that my brother been away from home for so long - he will be in it for 2 weeks for confinement.
hence, he wouldn't be coming back home for 2 weeks~!

right now, there's something weird about my house.
it's so quiet and weird,
and surprisingly, i kinda miss him
there are a number of times, during when we were still at the headquarter, i tried my very best to hold back the tears.
i was afraid that once i started crying,
i couldn't stop - just like a running tap. haha.
that's why.

well, guess time will make all these awkwardness go away.

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  1. Agreed - time will make all the awkwardness go away♥