Monday, June 1





i'm sorry that i did not update yesterday

previously while i was wondering about on the street
someone told me this
i will always support you.

it's just an ordinary short interaction
that child started crying

why did you cry.

could it be that that person was too happy.

but why do people cry when they are overly happy!
human beings are amazing.

maybe for people who are more sentimental, they tend to shed their tears easily.

recently i did not cry.

instead i laughed.

not too long ago, i was fortunate to have a meal with Oizumi Yo-san.

i was practically laughing off my chair.

most probably i had laughed off half a year share of my laughter.

Oizumi-san, thanks, for this half a year share

hungry for comments & they are love!
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i think yamapi's friend, Oizumi Yo-san, is this guy over here
pardon me, if i give the wrong information

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oh gosh!
yamapi is soooooo kawaii in yesterday's nikki entry!!
how can he not know why the fan is crying in front of him!!

if i were to get to attend NEWS concert, at least once in my life
and get to see yamapi-dear singing & dancing right in front of me..
i'll CRY, man~!!
(but if he were to strip while performing, i will stare at his muscles first, then start screaming and crying =P)
let alone having interaction with him face-to-face!!
*i'll go nuts*
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just who can resist this ikemen!?!?

ooh! by the way~
i would love to share with you, guys, this wonderful scans shared by watchful21 @ lj

taken from Seventeen 0409 vol.52

those genuine smiles and eyes-filled-with !
only available to hime-chan
*envy & jealous*
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