Thursday, June 11





today is about basketball practice too
dribbling the ball non-stop!

after that in an all male changing room, we chatted interesting topics.
thanks to everyone who came for the shooting as extras!

tomorrow and the day after tomorrow, there will still be shooting at yoyogi second stadium, 
anyone who is free please come and play

anyway, there's still a little more left for the shooting to be over today!
but in future there will be more competitions awaiting for me, i cannot relax

i'm very happy today!

hungry for comments & they are love!
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so good~!

fan report on yesterday's drama's first shooting!
by me ^^:

credit to なおちゃん@blogsina
(for her translated chinese post)

filming began~
casts with P-chan as the lead, debutted~

just as expected expected, P-chan's appearance triggered ve~~ry powerful screaming cum cheering

Naoki P-chan started greeting everyone

Naoki P "will everyone put in their efforts for me?"

everyone "Ye!!"

Naoki P "should reply "いいとも"(no problem)"
↑ while he said this, his smiles are super~ duper~ cute~

then again

Naoki P "will everyone put in their efforts for me?"

everyone "いいとも~ ~ ~っ"

P-chan's hairstyle was quite similiar with kosaku sensei's hairstyle, but this time the hair was relatively soft, made him looked thin

because the hair is too little, therefore enabling him to wear headband~


Naoki P "tomorrow and the day after tomorrow, there's shooting, if there is time, then please come here" 
inviting everyone in this manner 

during lunch break, P-chan imitated the way はんにゃ-san walk~ he seems to be pleasantly enjoying it, so cute

after the director shouted "cut", the extras would be
shouting "P-chan~~~~~" or "YAMAP ~~~~" to him
after several times, he would responds once, with a slight nod for acknowledgement 

P-chan was seen practicing basketball non~~stop
even though he was concentrating on the shooting process, he was also paying attention to those professional basketball players' acting

P-chan said

"on the 12th (Friday) there will be press conference"
announced to everyone~

remember to tune in to MEZAMASHI and the evening news yo

right after this, the below portion, i can feel おうじ's (prince's) [love] 

around 8 o'clock, P-chan finished shooting his part, while greeting everyone:

everyone "ah ah~~~ leaving already~~~"

↑ because of this sentence, P-chan stayed on till 9:30pm, until the shooting was entirly over]
shooting from dusk to dawn, he must be tired, but still he stayed on, such a gentle おうじSAMA

-------END OF TRANSLATION-------

had such a tough time translating this..
i think my english is deproving~
die! x)

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