Saturday, June 6




today tokyo district was raining~

i used an umbrella.
but the wind kept blewing the rain in, from the open sides.

hate it~

yesterday i had meal with my co-stars from my upcoming drama, Ito Hideaki and Nagai Masaru!

people from physical education department
it felt as if we were holding a sports meeting.

and basketball player, Igarashi Kei joined us too!

it feels like i have increasingly deeply immerse myself into this drama!

therefore, an excellent piece of work will be created!

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oh gosh~
look at that professional basketball player, Igarashi Kei's arm!
akira shock ! Pictures, Images and Photos

can't imagine after pi finish shooting this drama..
will his arms and chest muscle become BIG-BIG & FIRM-FIRM too?!?

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