Thursday, June 18


words in purple
are words which YAMAPI-dear typed in english ^^




today i wore this pair of sunglasses.

anyway, feel like posting up a photo
so, first, shall try with this pair of sunglasses.

yesterday, i had bibimpap for my dinner.
together with ma e P.

who is ma e P!

anyway is a friend.

although his/her age is older than me, yet we became friends.

yup, this is the freedom i have.

credit: baidu

hungry for comments & they are love!
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hmm..isn't this sunglasses from Koi no ABO pv?!?

or it isn't?!? *wondering*
but somehow when i saw this photo..
its first impact to me was KOI NO ABO!!

Light Ray Pictures, Images and Photos
i know why i wasn't receiving any messages from all of you, fangirls..
thanks to zhou2 for subconsciously pointing it out!!
arigatou Pictures, Images and Photos

(that stupid cbox~~~~!!)

now my cbox is back to normal!
please feed it with your comments as much as possible..
but PLEASE no spamming, girls~
hehes ^^

now i shall rant on my loneliness for this past 1 week (8th Jun - 15th Jun)

for this 1 whole week..
i was very depressed..
i thought everyone had run away..
leaving this pathetic blog alone to die~
(ok~ not that serious..but am very very sad that entire week Sad Pictures, Images and Photos)
i even had thoughts about closing this blog..
since there are a few translators out there still translating his nikki..

"maybe there are still fans lying ambushed in the net, still reading my translated pi's nikki..
so i mustn't close this blog!"
"hmm..the main purpose of setting up this blog is to collate pi's that in case my computer/laptop crash, i still have his nikki in my blog"

these are some thoughts that came to my mind while translating his nikki..
so luckily,
my determination hold my back
phew Pictures, Images and Photos

all this worrisome thoughts..all thanks to my itchy-fingers, itchy-thoughts of changing the layout of my cbox
Whack, whack, whack, whack, whack, whack, whack, whack! Pictures, Images and Photos
dumb dumb me x)

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