Monday, June 15





it's raining today!

i'm feeling very depressed today.

because i ought to visit the dentist!

it was something which i hated it when i was little, even now i still hate it

in that case, i'm off to the dentist

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once in a while visiting the dentist is a good thing, sayang~
so that you'll have healthy teeth!! ^^

(hmm..i can't seem to remember when was the last time i visited my dentist?!? xP)

anyway, 2 days ago (Saturday)
i went to the PC Show at Suntec Convention Hall..
and..finally! i got the chance to lay my hands on my ideal handphone -
LG KF350
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but i didn't buy it though..hehes =(

usually, i see it displaying in those mobile stores cabinet..
but that day,
i saw it laying right there on the exhibition stand..
waiting for me to touch it..

"gosh! it's real~" - that's what i thought when i first held it in my hand..
i was sooooooooo excited at that moment..
i felt like screaming! but don't worry, i hold it down =)

its buttons are soo BIG
its design is sooooooooo kawaii!
and its flip!
somehow to me, i think it looks like 1 japanese phone!
oh man~! i want it!!
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getting excited again! ^^

one day!
i will own one of it!

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more cool shots of the phone found on the net
LG KF350 Ice Cream Pictures, Images and Photos
i think there's green color version too 

LG KF350 Ice Cream Phone Pictures, Images and Photos
i want the pink one

LG KF350 Ice Cream Phone Pictures, Images and Photos
ooh~ look at those LED lightings
綺麗! 綺麗!

i'd found a cm for it:

did you notice??
the house is similiar to Full House's house..

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