Sunday, June 7


words in purple
are words which YAMAPI-dear typed in english ^^




this piece of chicken is overly big.

very man, isn't it

the shooting for the drama starts today!

after that went for basketball practice.

therefore without consuming large piece of meat, i will not be able to maintain my physical strength

few days ago, during my meal with Hideaki kun and staff
ate bear meat!

very man, isn't it

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hmm~ *licking my lips*
chicken cutlet..
BIG chicken cutlet..
i love fried BIG chicken cutlet!!
Yum! Pictures, Images and Photos
enough of this..
i already have a puddle of saliva in front of me

yeah! finally!
they have started shooting Buzzer Beat!
more fan reports and fansightings will be available online soon!

and omg!
pi-dear ate bear meat!
how can he consume such a cute animal!
BABY WINNIE THE POOH Pictures, Images and Photos
angry Pictures, Images and Photos
heard that a bear's meat is tough and hard..
so it doesn't sound nice to me~

i find it weird enough to consume bear's meat..
not to mention, horse meat!
japanese sure are brave enough to eat all these~!

and bad news minna-san..
heard that Buzzer Beat theme song will not be pi's solo..
it will be B'z new song..

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