Tuesday, June 9





today i had basketball practice too!

it felt like i'm getting hand in handling the ball

yesterday i fell asleep after i finished typing these sentences

to people who are waiting eagerly for my nikki update, sorry.

today i had basketball practice too

my body is full of sweat!

it's the best!

at every last part of the practice, there's a basketball shooting competition.

the people who lose, got to treat everyone fruit juice!

it's great, isn't it!

today's fruit juice was delicious too!

hungry for comments & they are love!
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yamapi do not need to treat everyone juice this time!
heard that previously, he was always the one treating everyone..
great job, dear! (^.^)v

and he's so cute when he said he fell asleep right after typing the 1st 3 sentences..
squeal Pictures, Images and Photos


guess what i did to my 3 year old handphone!?!?
biting nails Pictures, Images and Photos

i bedazzled it!

it took me 3 hours to stick these stickers up

after completed my mission,
my head felt as if it's gonna blown up..
very very very painful!

however whenever i take a glance at my handphone now..
i feel like all my hardwork had paid off..
no longer can i see its ugly "scars" and "bruises"..
it has evolved!

more shots on my "brand new" handphone!

its backside
(i like how the purple flowers blend so well with the pink background Summer Hello Kitty Pictures, Images and Photos)

its side

section view

with its "new" partner - black-angel-wing-furry-ball (weird name it has..LOL)

during the surgery process,
i had to use penknife to cut away some part of the stickers for its important holes (don't think dirty!!)
what i meant was the holes for the its earpiece, its battery charger adapter and the hole for talking (gosh~ i think i had levelled IT to another whole new level..LOL! warning gif Pictures, Images and Photos 
stop it!! 止る!!)

so now my handphone cover condition is worse than before! 
*slap cheek*
don't dare..or should i say "never even thought of tearing out the stickers" 
suspicious Pictures, Images and Photos

if only i had kosaku aizawa beside me, during the operation~
yamapi Pictures, Images and Photos

but i think as a good wife..
i shall not disturb him with his beauty sleep..
since he is working soooooo hard for his new drama happy Pictures, Images and Photos

erm..dear, your undie~ 
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