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today, i saw such a documentary.

everyday, from dusk to dawn, these kids would be working in the muddy water to look for precious stones.

reportedly, they have to work for ten months in order to claim 300 yen.

i think they are very pitiful.

not to be pitiful towards them is also a very pitiful thing.

it's very cruel too to have totally no feeling towards it.

how should i deal with it, i'm not sure too.
but it's true that Japan is prosperous.

right now, i'm feeling very calm.
although i'm not sure why.

recently, there's no scary things.

just that i feel blessed to be alive.

but heard that Japan has the highest number of suicider for a country.

if they are able to see things or matters in different angles,
to oneself, they are able to find a solution which makes them happy.

why give up.

i will not give up even if i'm dead!

definitely will make my dreams come true.
i believe.

but i don't like it, if i'm working overly hard.
to be able to work how hard or to be able to focus how much,
it depends on each individual beings.
don't wish to do it, then don't do it.
any human beings are able to do this.
therefore, everyone should just honestly face themselves and that will be fine~!

not to force yourself but to enjoy it~.

in conclusion, firstly, you have to tidy up yourself,
while tidying up yourself, you will find back those things
which are long forgotten.

if there's adequate space in your heart to think of such things, that will be the best!

today's entire nikki is about my personal thoughts
but definitely there will be lots of people who have the opposite opinion from mine.

by the way it is super duper hot today.

credit: baidu

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finally! i have finished translating pi's nikki..
it's a very very long entry yesterday..
i tried my VERY best in translating it..
hope that i've accurately conveyed what he wants to tell his fans..

well done, pi-dear~!

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