Tuesday, June 16





i had photoshoot today!

after that, during the interview, i'd completed what i'm going to say in the next three days

then in the evening, after the photoshoot
i went to the gym after such a long time.

feeling so refreshed now!

hungry for comments & they are love!
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it has been a while since yamapi hit the gym..
glad to hear that he is doing something else besides playing basketball everyday..

yesterday, i was completely immersing myself in super junior tv appearances in various tv stations..
as a result of boredom (who ask NEWS to have so little appearances on tv these few weeks
*calvin fuming Pictures, Images and Photos*)

so while i was watching Super Junior's 'It's You' LIVE performance in Music Core..
i noticed something!

yesung's hair = massu's hair!

oh gosh~

if any of you interested..
you may see it here

ryeowook + glasses + his new mohawk hair = suave & mature ^^

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