Friday, June 5





today i had magazine photoshoot.

my cosmetic tools.

e! very little

afterwards, i became friend with an alien.

during my work with Weider-in-Jelly.

i'd upgraded my level from the world to a universe grade.


it is, isn't it

picture of the day..
pi's cosmetic kit!

hungry for comments & they are love!
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regarding yesterday's photo of the clear blue sky
i've uploaded!
located over here: vol.2097

could this be the alien you're talking about?!

oh gosh!
are you overly stress from all the basketball training, dear?!?
that's why you're having weird illusion~ =)
don't overly stress yourself..
in the day before yesterday's entry..
you told those people who are overly hardworking to take a break..
you should yourself take a break too, isn't it?!
don't harm your health & your body, dear~ heart gif Pictures, Images and Photos

and oh yes!
i would like to announce

i'd survived today's paper!
thanks to minna-san's blessings!
kiss Pictures, Images and Photos
everything that i revised, came out!!
(fyi: last night, i skipped a lot of parts in my notes)

as a treat to everyone who wished me all the best..
i would like to share with all of you this!
something which i took this morning before going to school..

venue: outside my house
object: my neighbour's plant's shadow

did you spot it?!?
a heart-shape shadow!!
what a way to start my day~
receiving such a love from nature


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