Friday, June 12





today too, i have been playing basketball since 8 in the morning!

during break time, i played basketball with my co-stars.

right now i'm thinking, i should at least consider a little bit on the purpose of having a break time.

furthermore, bento is just too simple!

ah~~~~feel like eating curry~~

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pi-dear misses okasan's curry~~

pi is so poor thing!
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he got to endure long shooting period and now, he is craving for his yamashita family curry..
(it's been hard on you, dear)
*comforting him*

and sorry for yesterday's multi-error-retranslated-fan-report

i realised it..
i wanted to correct it..
but! my stupid internet connection keeps dying on me..
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even now, my internet connection isn't working any better..

stupid connection~!

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