Tuesday, June 1





in the midst of composing.

in my mind, totally can't think of a tune.

that's bad.

never give up.

yesterday, after a long time, i had a meal with ryo-chan.

very fun!

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ryopi love~


the day before yesterday,
pi must have felt v miserable to be alone on the set of Ashita no Joe that he decided to call ryo-chan out for a meal together.

and composing again?!
what's with the recent compositions?!
is it him hinting us about singles
is it just a composition for his juniors to sing in SC?!

here's something for all of you to see.
even though it's a bit of an old news.


(click on the above link to view it)
could it be true?
what do all of you think?~

by the way,
the italic words are words which pi typed in English


  1. ryopi~♥
    give us more songs pi-chan!!>.< then sing it with ryo or jin or both XD

  2. yatta...~~

    am glad that the filming is abt to wrap...

    that's really fast,isn't it??

    i believe there's a single coming... yatta finally we would be able to see NEWS again...or at least just yamapi...hehehe will suffice...

    LOL...well sue me for being yamapi's biggest fan...LOL xP

    thanks as always for pi's nikki...


  3. RyoPi♥
    I think BE FUNKY! will defiantly be made into something, I was hoping for an album, but if it's a single i will still be happy ^_^

  4. @riapi: or with toma too! it's been sometime since they sang together~ miss seeing them together~

    @duzel: you're welcome. hehe. yup! it is v fast. it doesn't seem like drama filming is this fast. haha. *tsk tsk* you will really get sue from other member's fans. haha. just kidding ;)

    @newsxo: true. either way is good for NEWS neh~ but if it will be made into an album then it'll be a brand new work from them as there wouldn't be many songs that we know ^-^