Thursday, June 17




today's weather is great.
daytime, i cooked my meal, after a long time.
very delicious.

after which, watched movies, watched television.
fed my dog and played throw-the-ball with it.

spent 1 day leisurely (^O^)

credit baidu

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the image of pi playing with either pi-chan or hime-chan,
it's super sweet.
i wanna see it in real life too! (and not in magazine photoshoot)

by the way,
the tickets for KAT-TUN's concert in Taiwan have started selling.
and i don't whether is it because my action were slow
or is it because the other fans' action were fast.

the moment when i checked on the tickets online,
it seems like, approximately 95% of the tickets were sold!!!!!

"that's fast~!?"
i thought to myself.

when i checked on the remaining seats,
i discovered that those aren't good seat - they are either too far from the stage or the angle viewed from the seat to the stage ain't that good.

after much consideration and discussion with my sister,
i decided to give this idea up, and not flying to Taiwan to catch them live.

there will always be a next time.


  1. most people don't use their own Internet to buy those tickets
    because the Internet service is too unstable...
    also, good seats are generally sold out within ten minutes

  2. glad that today he had time to relax (>.<) hehe his day seemed like mine today :) too bad that you couldn't get tickets, but I'm sure you will catch good tickets to their next concert ^^ thx 4 the translation

  3. Hountoni Ureshii ^0^ ♥
    i thought Pi might not be able to update on my birthday, but he did‼ i'm glad that he wasn't busy and had a very relaxing day

  4. Thanks so much for Sharing... Is like when give a reason to smile!!
    Yolis ^^

  5. @whitecygnus: ahh~ i'm not aware that people don't usually use their own internet to buy tickets. thanks for the information, it will be useful for future concerts that i wanna attend :)

    @newsxo: ah! 16th June is your birthday?! ahh~ happy belated belated belated birthday to YOU!! ^-^