Tuesday, June 22




today, i went to sing.

sure enough, singing can make one's mood happy.

it's ok whether you sing it good or not, able to sing with feelings is already ok.

it certainly is this way.

in conclusion, my mood was great.

everyone go karaoke and sing with all your strength too.

using your feelings to sing.

i know how to sing it too.
engrossing every part of the body and the heart into singing.

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ah! i forgot to wish Ryeowook (Super Junior) Happy Birthday yesterday!!
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Happy Belated 23rd Birthday to Ya,
Ryeowookie! xP
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this entry reminds me that it has been some time since i last sang K~!

i must study some songs first before venturing into K land!
it wouldn't be exciting as i'm singing to the usual old songs.
not refreshing at all

on with the Mandarin songs
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  1. I just like singing randomly,
    i've never been to karaoke so maybe sometime soon
    i'll follow Pi's advice and go karaoke ^_^

  2. Hey Thanks so much for updating with the nikki!!

  3. Aa I wish we had karaoke places here too...-_- Pi seems happy as usual~ Thank you for updating it! ^___^

  4. @newsxo: you should go sing karaoke!! it's fun and addictive. haha. i love going there even though i can't sing v good (i always sing out of pitch) xP haha!

    @Sanals: haha. you're welcome :) your country has no place like karaoke?!