Thursday, June 3




yesterday is this

extremely big hamburger feast.

take out is the best

today, it's a wrap for the entire filming of the movie

able to finish filming
in this kind of good weather
is the best ↑

although it's tough, i'm very happy!

in the end, i want to say this.

regardless whether it's acting, singing or dancing, i still like it very much.

credit baidu

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oh gosh!
that is really a lot of meat patty!!

if only i'm part of the crew~
then i'll get to eat these too!!
*lips licking*

ok, put the patties aside

it's really really fast that it's already a wrap for the movie!!
and so,
pi-sama has more time for himself, his family, his members and his friends
and also,
has time to record songs for NEWS rumored single (hopefully, it's true)

and then maybe,
we can see him more on tv and such.

*very happy for the completion of the movie ne~*


  1. I'm hoping for a concert from NEWS but for now I want Pi to gets lots of rest before he starts anything

  2. i don't think they will be holding a concert so soon as they haven't release enough singles to release an album, and album leads to concert for the year :\ we shall wait and see. hehe.