Saturday, June 26




today, from morning onwards, i have been doing photoshoot
right now, i'm in a dance lesson!
from evening onwards, roughly about six hours
i'll be in the work studio.

want to tired me out.

when ended
if i don't do stretching exercise

tomorrow, definitely will be oh-my-gosh 

got to continue with my lesson
good bye

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i have uploaded yesterday's pi picture onto yesterday's entry
you can see it by clicking HERE

that indeed was a lot of clothing to change into for a day photoshoot!!
was shock when i saw the picture
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these few days he have been saying he is in the dance studio learning dance.
if i'm not wrong,
it will be for his upcoming single.

as i have read it somewhere,
the debut song for this single will be a upbeat number.
upbeat song = chereography

can't wait to see how will it be like.
will it be as beautiful as Loveless??
hmm. i'm wondering~

original posting:-
date: 6.27.2010
time: AM1:36


  1. Thanks

    I can only write thank in English, and I now use the Google translator ... to read your page and write this.
    I admire your effort to bring us the nikki of Yamashita

    If do not understand what I have written, the fault lies with Google

  2. also heard that the debut song is upbeat song, i can't wait to see the dance
    the song i'm really excited to hear is "World is Yours" ^0^
    If it's beautiful as Loveless...
    then i'll have a great summer listening to One In a Million‼

  3. Thanks for always translating. I usually read the translated entries from Facebook but the administrator has been busy or on vacation so it wasn't updated for a few days. Glad I can find more than one resource for Pi's nikki! Thanks again ^_^

  4. @Lili: haha. don't worry, i understand what you've wrote. really :D and you're welcome, it's my pleasure to translate pi's nikki everyday. hehe. by the way (i'm not sure whether i asked you this), where are you from?

    @newsxo: "World is Yours", from its title, i'm guessing that it's a ballad. hehe. i'm sure that you'll have a great summer ahead.

    @cheekmunk0409: hehe. you're welcome :) glad that you find my translation useful. hehe. sometimes, i read from there (FB) too :)