Friday, June 25




today, roughly this kind of feeling

prepared a lot a lot of clothing for me

the photoshoot was similar to a heavy downpour.
tomorrow, the photo will then be uploaded here
if you're free, please see it

there ain't any time for me to have a good rest, therefore i shall write it tomorrow then



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like heavy downpour type of photoshoot!!
that means there will be loads of scans of pi in the following weeeeks!!
yeah~ ^0^

sorry that i didn't have the time (for the past few days) to post/inform everyone on pi's latest happening.
with having more time on my side now,
i shall list out his latest happenings :)

  1. any of you who are in my FB friend list might have seen this already - 'Keiko thought of marriage, pi fans threaten via death' the title of the news article. you can click it to read it :) (FYI: the article is in Chinese.) 
  2. PI RELEASING NEW SINGLE - ONE IN A MILLION!!! oh my freaking gosh! i almost screamed in my office, when i read this piece of news!! *so freaking happy now~ ^-^* i soooooo got to pre-order the 2 ltd edition single~~~~ and i know, the ltd edition versions of the single are already sold out!! *cries* but now, i'm thinking should i buy the Japan version OR the Taiwan version, as the edition A will have a "short" [roughly around 50mins] footage (which i don't think it's short at all XD)from pi's solo debut concert tour, last year. and i'm afraid that if i were to buy the Taiwan ver and it don't come with the Chinese subtitles (as shown in Loveless DVD), then it defeats the purpose of buying that. in the end, i would rather buy the Japan version. am i right? *dilemma*
  3. Toshiba NEW cm for NEW product line - he is so freaking gorgeous and i'm soooooo in ♥ with pi's new hairstyle! to me, it has been a long time since i have doki-doki feelings because of pi's hair =X and i believe that a person's hair can really affect how one look and present himself/herself to others. ie. a good hairstyle will bring you to heaven, while a bad one drags you to hell. haha! if any of you are interested in viewing the 3 CMs, news coverages and making of, you can view it all in the link: in addition, ♥ his grey suit which was wore at the press conference and his straight black hair XD haha! i know i've mentioned his new hairstyle before but it is so darn good on him that i need to keep praising it! LOL. by the way, my FB dp and desktop wallpaper are all Toshiba latest CM picture! :D hopefully, this hairstyle will last for some time neh~ hehe.

that's it for today.
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oyasuminasai minna!


  1. YamaPi-kun is pretty busy these days, ne? I hope he will find some time to rest though. Looking forward to seeing the photos (^.^)
    Me too, got sooo excited when I heard the news >.< can't wait for the release of the single!! and so happy that we will have a part of loveless con, too! Yup, his hairstyle is really cool ♥ i just love it :)But I just don't understand the part with Keiko-chan (i used a translator because i don't know chinese but it wasn't helpful at all) sorry for the long comment xD and thank you a lot for translation ^^ oyasuminasai

  2. Tnx for always translating tomo-kun nikki...
    He is very busy, if he said he has no time it means sooooooo busy, and no time to rest...

    Juz like Byby, want to know about the first article in ur post above..
    a used google translate, but still dont get it..
    my conclusion is "there is pi fan outhere who want to commit suicide if P getting married", is it rite??

  3. is it true that Keiko want to marry next spring?
    i'm shocked!! TT

  4. Uwaa I cant wait for more Pi scans...More Pi fun to look forward to!! ^__^ Thanks for updating! :)

  5. @ByBy: it's ok regarding the long comment. haha. and you're welcome :)

    @cemitha & ByBy: oh, in the article above, only the last paragraph are about the marriage thingy. hehe. basically, it's saying that her relationship with pi is smooth and steady, even though the company rejects, she will still want to get marry next spring. pi's fans aren't complying it, someone threaten to commit suicide, saying "heart broke!" :)

    @cemitha: you're welcome, it's my pleasure to translate his nikki :D

    @Yordina Virzara: you're welcome ^-^

    @littlemmine: hmm. me not too sure. but 'want' isn't equivalent to 'going to'. therefore, i don't think keiko will be marrying herself off next spring :)

    @Sanals: you're welcome :)

  6. Clothes, clothes, and more clothes...
    I can imagine this a little bit similar to what Pi room look like

    ^0^ One In a Million, some of the songs have english titles so it makes
    me wonder how many are going to be only english or japanese/english

    Toshiba New CM, I agree, Pi's new hair style = ♥‼

  7. @newsxo: i wonder too~ hope to have a couple of English songs. so that i can understand without looking for translation. in addition, i like listening to pi singing and talking in English ^^