Sunday, June 6




today's weather is fairly good!

i went to watch a stage play.
extremely meaningful
allowing my tension to be HIGH!

really made one felt touch.

it's a wonderful day Image and video hosting by TinyPic

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sorry for this late update.
i've been quite busy these few days,
attending wedding ceremony and dinner on Friday
and birthday party on Saturday.

i ♥ attending wedding~!
it makes me feel uber blissful and bless.

in addition,
i also get to wear nice nice clothing (and seeing everyone dressed up for this special occasion) and eat yummy delicious food!

during the wedding dinner,
i have this extremely crazy thought.
i was imagining myself as the bride while pi was my groom
and what a scene we would have create by having bakanishi,


and shirota yuu

as pi's best men.

then lovely and interesting videos will be shown on the projector screen while ProDai's or Hana Yori Dango's instrumental pieces being played.

isn't that wonderful~?!

i shall wake up from my dream.


  1. pi's taken...


    he's with Kitagawa friend...

    let's hate her together....hehhehhee (sorry keiko...)


  2. It is wonderful‼ ^0^ Don't wake up from your dream, i'm trying to go back to my dream ...
    I was at a place like this in my dream
    I'm going to write an entry on livejournal about it, but all I can say for now is it had ShigePi Ai♥ ^_^

  3. @duzel: ahh! yeah right! pi's taken. haha. however, i don't hate her~ i think she and pi quite compatible. hehe. better than AY :D

    @newsxo: you mean you had shigepi love in your dream?! *scream* gosh! by looking at the picture. it seems like a v nice place and what was the 2 of them doing in your dream at that place?! haha.