Sunday, June 20




today, the humidity level was quite high
slightly difficult to bear.

but tonight's World Cup is Japan versus Holland.

together with the moisture
cheer loudly for Japan Image and video hosting by TinyPic

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saw it on the news that Japan lose to Holland at 0:1

but i guess Japan team must have give in their best in this above mentioned match,
don't feel sad and/or disappointed about it and ganbatte for the rest of the matches!!! :)

ganbatte nippon!


  1. -_- Hai, Japan lost to Holland, but‼ ^0^ If they even have tie with Denmark, Japan will advance with the Netherlands
    (at least I think that's how it works, I haven't
    been in to soccer for a while, until Tegoshi XD)
    I heard the humidity in some parts of Japan is unbearable, so to hear Pi say it was quite high, i couldn't imagine it

    Reply to 6.16 entry:
    Hai, Hai. June 16th is my birthday. I am now 19!
    Thank you for your "belated belated belated birthday" wishes ^_^

  2. i've never been into soccer. even now when the WC fever is on, it didn't successfully got into me. i don't understand it at all. haha!

  3. and you're welcome with the birthday wishes :)