Tuesday, June 15




very sorry for these past two days!

even though the filming has ended
there are still plenty of things to do

thinking of composing lyrics, thinking of trying to compose lyrics, composing lyrics

ma, roughly that kind of feeling!

tomorrow there is dance practice, after such a long time.

anticipating ↑

today is the World Cup
playing against Cameroon
ganbatte nippon!

felt like it's been a long time when i said this.

when supporting for the volleyball team
been saying it everyday!

hungry for comments and they are love!
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  1. Haha! I thought it would be tegoshi who would be more onto soccer! H
    LOL! Hopefully the dance practice is for their Be FUNKY single! Hehe!
    And japan won!!!haha!

  2. Yay Yamapi-dear~!!!!!!Nippon won~!!!!And what about those lyrics???Are they going to release BE FUNKY single soon??????

  3. Haha! No worries your wish was not for waste there!
    never commented before.. but when I saw that Yamapi supports the Japan team in the World Cup, I just have to say something! XD
    Yea! But all-in-all... Japan won! haha

  4. yay!! and japan won that game! ^o^
    composing lyrics again???
    but when will we hear those lyrics that you compose?? we need it fast!LOL
    thank you for this.. ^^

  5. Dance practice ^_^
    Japan won! And I have a feeling that there going to win there next game too‼ ♥

  6. Hiyah! Thank you so much for putting these up everyday!! ^__^

  7. @kimoola: i'm not too sure. hopefully~! either ways, hoping that NEWS and Yamapi have more activities on their hands soon.

    @noveshia: haha! thanks for commenting :)

    @noveshia: you're welcome ^-^

    @newsxo: you're welcome too ^0^