Tuesday, June 8




yesterday, the banquet to celebrate the end-of-filming for the movie, 【あしたのジョー】, was held

extremely delightful

regardless of the film crew or the entire casts

thinking of the same feeling, together we finished the movie, 【あしたのジョー】

able to have acted as the lead role in this movie, i'm full of gratitude

changing the topic

yesterday, before finished filming the movie, accepted magazine, 【duet】, interview

saw some reader's letters, among it there's one that says

previously, when i'm (the reader) still an exam candidate, saw Yamashita-kun's encouragement message to the exam candidates, obtained a huge boost to my (the reader) morale

after which i (the reader) passed my (the reader) exam

congratulations on your passing

everyone is working hard, i cannot fall behind too

while reading all of your letters, i've become refreshed

thanks to all of you for your continuous support

hungry for comments and they are love!
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  1. I'm always encouraged by Yamapi's words! Thanks for all your translations.

  2. @cheekmunk0409: you're welcome ^-^