Monday, June 21




am watching ちょいたし.

making one want to try it out
also not thinking of trying it out.

adding into the cup noodles
the number one most delicious thing is sesame oil.

this and many other food matches very well too.

i recommend is
adding TABASCO (an extremely hot type of hot oil) into the flying-saucer-stir-fried-noodle.

really very delicious

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i did my best in translating yesterday's nikki entry.
i hope i can get the message across to all of you what yamapi want to convey.

and i have no idea what flying-saucer-stir-fried-noodles is.
it was typed "飞碟炒面" in the Chinese text.
does anyone know / have an idea of what is it?!

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  1. I think it's UFO instant yakisoba noodles:

  2. Ohh nice :D I like Nissin too (not for instant yakisoba though, but instant ramen)

    Thanks for translating~

  3. @watchful21: ahh~ UFO instant yakisoba. thanks. i thought of typing UFO, but i think it's a bit weird (from its name). that's why i typed flying-saucer instead. haha. but this UFO is just normal cup noodle, right?!

    @frozencrumbz: you're welcome :) by the way, i prefer myojo instant noodle x) hehe.

  4. UFO ^_^ Random info: I think it was Kanjani8 that endorsed UFO for awhile, i just remember seeing a clip saying that Ryo-chan wanted UFO and there was a side-note saying that they endorsed it

  5. @newsxo: thanks for this random bit of info :)