Monday, February 8

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yamapi-dear didn't update his nikki

for the day before yesterday's nikki entry,
yamapi-dear had attached a photo with it
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today i had my test..
before stepping into the test hall..
i was only prepared for 3 chapters (out of 6 chapters)
so i was really really really nervous and scared of what the questions will be..

in the end,
after the test ended,
i have a feeling that i will do v badly for it

i was randomly selecting answers for MCQs
and for my structured essay..
i only can recalled some mere points while answering..

i can only blame myself for not remembering all the points properly and deeply before the start of the test..
however! whenever i start reading my lecture notes..
my eyes became heavy and my mind automatically shut off!!
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for several times,
i tried to keep myself awake..
but i couldn't~!
the sleeping bug is too powerful!!
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my next test will be on this coming wednesday..
and it's in the morning..
therefore, this leave me with tonight and the whole of yesterday to study
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ne, ganbatte ne!
you can survive through it..!
(encouragement to myself)

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