Sunday, February 21

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yamapi-dear didn't update his nikki~~


as i'm not that knowledgeable for Japan's sports news than with entertainment news and gossips..
i really have no clue who are the representatives for figure skating for Japan..

but thanks to seneca_nya@lj for saying out the names of these representatives, in the previous entry, than i have the head start of where to search for it..
thankss seneca_nya~!!

and so,
here are the videos of the performance by these 2 representatives that i could find in YouTube..
however, i'm not entirely sure and confirm that these performances are the ones that yamapi is saying in the previous post (vol.2313)
and also, the ones that were performed during the Winter Games
gomen! if there are any discrepancy

first up,
Daisuke Takahashi
( embedding of this video was disabled by the uploader, sorry for the trouble caused X] )

Takahiko Kozuka

video credit keikolovescharlie@YT

and also, 
this figure skater came up when i'm searching for the above 2 (otherwise, i would forget)

Mao Asada

video credit figureskating4ever1@YT 

and she had advertised weider-in jelly with pi too!!

video credit PrinceKiri@YT

that's all

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