Friday, February 19





i'm with my friend now

eating takoyaki

(we've known each other) roughly for 5 years
is a very nice fella

i thought if he become an uncle
we will still be friends.

sincerely, i felt my friends are being helpful towards me!

i also want to express my gratitude towards people who have read my nikki
moreover, as a result, felt delighted from reading it
thank you (everyone) for your existent!

thank you (everyone) always!

hungry for comments and they are love!
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this is such a sentimental entry..
his friends must have help him out from something which pi, himself, can't handle..
if so,
i can understand pi's feelings towards him/her/them..

i like this entry~!
which shows a sentimental side of him ^-^

and i think..
sometimes, as a friend..
we should say something like
"i thought if he become an uncle, we will still be friends." - this kind of words to our bestie/friends..
to show our inner appreciation and gratitude to them - for being by your side all this while..

even though these words might sound mushy and cheesy..
your friend (being your friend) would definitely feel happier and warm by listening to these words..
and thus, your friendship might rise up to the next level - being closer than ever before

in fact,
everyone likes to receive beautiful praises from people they know..


  1. Awww, Pi sentimental, i love this entry of his
    thanks for sharing...
    and reply to your comment on the last entry:
    haha BC as in British Columbia, Canada

  2. you're welcome ^-^ and thanks for explaining what's BC to me. hehe. i get it now :) that means that you're a Canadian~ woo~