Thursday, February 25




today, after a long time,

together with close friend, went back to close friend's hometown and play

in close friend's younger sister's family video
is showing a play
extremely cute!

although she's only 10 years old, i think she's awesome!

in order to contend against her, close friend and i
shot an impromptu family video performance

actually, it's very difficult.

while halfway through, starting to have no direction.

next time, will work hard and complete it properly!

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this post is so cute~~♥

while reading,
i have the image of pi holding a toy sword, and together with his friend,
they were diligently "fighting" against the girl

that girl is so lucky..
to have an uncle like pi's friend~~

and this "play" was recorded which means that pi has become history.
ie. in future, when this girl's children watched this family video..
they will spot yamapi!!

*tego's 'believe' gestures in N.E.W.S*

original posting:-
date: 2.26.2010
time: PM6:24


  1. haha, Amazing
    an "impromptu family video performance"
    I have the same image as you with Pi holding a toy sword

    Full Versions: (Maybe? I don't want believe it's the full version because Shige doesn't have a solo =/ ) = Good Version = Personally I think you can hear the melody more in this one

  2. haha! well, great minds think alike!! :D
    and thanks for the links :)