Wednesday, February 17





today very busy
therefore, i'm going to write briefly(^0^)

recently, aizawa is very gentle.

once there's a gentle line
"eh? is it alright to be this gentle and soft?"

will think in this way (laugh)

got to go back to the studio
see you tomorrow

hungry for comments and they are love!
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a change in aizawa's character - being more humane..
xP hehe..
anticipating to see it~ ^-^

and it's sweet of him to be in the midst of filming..
and still remember to update his nikki so as to update his fans
*super sweet*

in yesterday's post..
i forgot to mention that i'm v v v happy that a lot of you left a lot of comments in my comment box in 15th Feb vol.2308 entry
v v v THRILL!! hontou ni!!

i would like to thank everyone for their comments
either in my comment box or my cbox

please continue to post your comments~! =)


  1. He is so happy in this entry.... So high! Wonder if there is any good news for him and fans... Thks forthe trans

  2. I glad your very happy with the comments on the Feb 15th entry =D
    that is why from now on i shall start commenting regularly ... So Doumo, Hajimemashite, Nichiko desu.

  3. @hope-rei: you're welcome and thanks for your comments :)

    YUP! there's good news from him. just saw this post in news_jpop@lj:
    it's been confirmed that pi will be starring in 'Ashita no Joe Live Action Film'!!! omg!! *jumping and screaming about*

    @newsxo: yay! thanks ^-^ shall everyday wait for your comments!! xP
    domo! hajimemashite, mrsyamapi desu XD