Monday, February 15



today also very cold!

winter olympic games has started too

it seems like, this time, the games' mascot consists of three people!
and it seems like each of them has their own personal interest

among them, there's one who seems to like camera, travel and others

similar to Shige.

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  1. emm...i am little amuse that yamapi writing about the winter oympics XD LOL shige is similar to one of the mascot haha

  2. That's amazing, leave it to Pi to find something that I didn't know, and I live in BC where the Olympics are ... How did I not make the connection between Shige and this this Mascots I find it very amusing ^_^

  3. Hahaha~ Yamap thinks that Shige is like Quatchi!? hahahaha xD

    i Wonder who's cuter, Quatchi or Shige? xD

    Lol i just made the Quiz to know which mascot is most like me xD and it is Quatchi! hahaha~ but Quatchi is cuter than me~

  4. ShigePi<3
    thank you ^^

  5. pis first association with quatchi is shige... that's cute :333

  6. And he mentions Shige the next day again in #2309.

  7. hahaha ShigePi I see you there! XDD But anyway, that's too cute that Shige is the first person he thinks of XD Thank you for sharing this with us!!!

  8. @newsxo: lol. thanks for the link. Quatchi is so cute.

    @Sheila~: hmm. that's a difficult question~ Quatchi! er~ no. Shige! ahh! it's so difficult to CHOOSE!! haha. but when it comes to who has the best expression when he/she/it failed. i would say it's Shige!! :D

    @babyshazam: you're welcome and thanks for commenting ^-^

    @yamapi-blue: haha. yup! i've just translated that vol. ^-^ anyway, thanks for mentioning it :)

    @amorbuffer: you're welcome and thanks for your comment :)

  9. thank you so much for your translation ^^
    Pi and his random love for shige, love it when Pi hugged shige from behind at the winter dvd <33

  10. you're welcome and thank you for posting your comments here :) like what babyshazam said, "ShigePi <3" hehes..