Wednesday, February 3




today, it has been outdoor filming since morning!

so cold.

but during outdoor filming
drinking a cup of warm tea
will feel that it was delicious than in normal days!

white breath
have a more winterly feel.

today i was acting opposite Lily Franky.

first time filming aizawa in his private clothes.

quite a fresh feeling!

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oh yeah~
this particular episode that yamapi is filming yesterday..
will be the very first time that we will be seeing aizawa-sensei in his private clothes!!
wonder how will they dress aizawa-sensei up
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he will be wearing singlet!!
a white one!!

i can't picture a real doctor wearing singlet..
during his private time..

let us just wait and see
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  1. He wore "real clothes" once during season 1. Remember that scene where he's jogging? He wore 'sweats' so I'm not sure if you consider that 'real clothes'... but at least it just wasn't his blue scrubs.

  2. ?? did he? hahas..i can't seems to recall~ (me failing us a yamapi fan >.< ) oh gosh~ i think i have to re-watch it..hahas..thanks for providing this little information ^^