Saturday, February 27




yesterday, the shoot ended very late!

today, together with NEWS members, we were
shooting the single 『さくらガール』PV!

because it has been a long time since we shot a PV at outdoor
started work very early

the wind is very strong
quite difficult to manage

it seems like yesterday, the first gust for this spring was initiated
today, was it a continuation from yesterday

don't understand .

in the afternoon, it was even stronger!

but it was a beautiful scene
it will definitely be done beautifully!

everyone, please wait and see

hungry for comments and they are love!
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just when i thought when will they be together again..
to shoot the PV?!

then yesterday,
pi-sama "blogged" this in his nikki!!

i think a week or two
this PV will be out!!

NEWS unite~!!

and here's the DL link to Sakura Girl full version!!
(in this website, you'll also get to see the romanji lyrics done by the author)

well done!


  1. kyaaa~~~*duzel in super-excited-mode*
    can't wait for the pv XD
    arigatou as always, selina~san!^^

  2. omg!! so that means that the PV is not going to be in a set? asdasd omg that's great!! i want to see the PV!! now!!!!

    thanks for the translation~

  3. i love you for the nonstop update~!!!^_^ thanks super thanks~!!

  4. ^___^ Yatta ! Are prays have been answered ♥
    "yesterday, the shoot ended very late!" This means that they are striving for perfection to please us fans, awwwwwww
    "because it has been a long time since we shot a PV at outdoor
    started work very early" Eh?! Not in a set, This should be interesting
    "the wind is very strong" I can just imagine cherry blossoms flying around them ^_^

    So you think a week or two?! *excited as you*
    I'm going to keep my eye on Zoom in on keyhole tv and see if anything comes up ! ^_^

  5. wind? strong? On Friday? erm.. well whatever haha
    Maybe they shot somewhere at the ocean? xD I thought the weather was quite nice. I'm really looking forward to the CM and somehow I expected it to be not in a set but outside :D

    Thanks as always for translating :)

  6. haha. it's cute to see that everyone is excited about the PV :) i, myself, am excited about it too! when i see someone posted the short preview of this PV up in YouTube, i shall post it here asap! hehe.

    @duzel: you're welcome ^-^

    @Sheila~: you're welcome. hehe. hmm. apparently, yup! it will not be in a set. haha.

    @smargott: you're welcome and thanks for your love! *love received* >.< hehe. please continue to love this blog~♥ xP

    @newsxo: yup yup yup! our prays have been heard! :) thanks for the line-by-line evaluation~ i already can imagine bountiful of cherry blossom flower petals falling down from the tree~! yup! i think it will be about a week or two. hehe. alrighty! when you saw it. do notice us, all ♥

    @Vinyaromeniel: you're welcome. hehe. hey! i've never thought of them filming by the beach!! great thoughts :) maybe, pi is hinting us again, in this entry~ ^-^

  7. kyahhh-- im starting to think of very very great things about this pv!!!