Tuesday, February 23

Special Fan Mail 5


good afternoon.

i'm Yamashita Tomohisa.

every week i'll willfully send my mail!

please forgive my willfulness

but no matter what, still feel like expressing it out!

will start broadcasting from 9 tonight
『code・blue –kinkyu kyuumei doctor heli- 2nd season』 episode 7
there's the "long time no see" intense

from episode 4 to episode 6
there's more sad story plot
because it's very cruel

after watching today's [code.blue], please slightly soothe your mood

in the second season, each interns was confronted with various sorts and varieties of problems

what can be done to go forward?
will each of us grow?

everyone had been in a state of delirium
being in a state of delirium while facing obstacle
on the other hand, growing up

hopefully, everyone who have watched it
through this episode

during times when you're suffering, you're able to confront the problem too and not escape from it
on one hand solve every single problem
and on the other, moving forward.

with this aspiration
together with everyone's strength, to produce [code.blue] 

tonight too, please watch it!

hungry for comments and they are love!
please write it in the cbox located at the sidebar
or you can post your comments in the comment box beneath this post ^^

i love this post~♥
pi sort of provide advice to his fans..
so sweet, kind and considerate of him~

i bet everyone faced with a number of problems in their lives..
which also includes me..

even though this post simple and normal
it really "heals" me..

things coming out from pi's mouth and thoughts are magical..
this is how i feel

hopefully, when either of you are faced with a problem..
you are able to recall this simple post
faced it with great strength and courage!

ganbare people!!

original posting:-
date: 2.24.2010
time: PM10:06


  1. ganbare to you too
    I love this post, i feel so soothe and relaxed by reading this
    Thanks for sharing