Wednesday, February 24

no entry

pi-chan didn't update his nikki..

did anyone of you manage to catch the short preview of 'Sakura Girl' on K-chan's NEWS last night?!

if not..
don't worry..
someone was kind and fast enough to upload the rips to youtube!!

click on the following link,
to go under the cut for the preview!!

here's the preview of 'Sakura Girl':

video credit mistjaslyn@YT & radio rip credit to youchandesu@LJ

and here is the download link to the song:
credit to mistjaslyn@YT

yamapi sang more lines in this song than in Koi no ABO!!

wonder how the PV will turn out?!
hopefully, it will be filled with member ai and funky dance like Koi no ABO..

anticipating for it!


  1. I caught Sakura Girl preview on K-chan NEWS, and soon after I downloaded it and had it on repeat haha, I like how I love the song more thanks because she translated it, and i didn't expect the lyrics to be like that

  2. arh! did you hear it from keyhole tv?!

    oh! i've seen the translated version of the lyrics too, by spilledmilk25. i loved it ^-^ in fact, i prefer the lyrics than the song. but maybe it's because i haven't gotten used to the song yet. haha. and maybe my mindset change after i listened to the full version?! >.< hehe.

  3. Yes, i heard it on keyhole tv ! ^_^
    and i really want to listen to the full version too, March 31st needs to come faster, either that or the PV

  4. haha. i've already posted up the DL link to Sakura Girl full version mp3 link, up in the latest entry :)