Tuesday, February 16




today, it's raining in Tokyo.

it's the long awaited rest day.

today, went to the records store
searched for music

then right now, going to have my meal
after that, shall visit the gym centre to have a run!

unexpectedly, didn't
rest properly.

what is SHIGE's actual age now?

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another shige entry..
suddenly, why yamapi keep mentioning shige in his nikki?!
hmm X)

and being in the same band for so long..
yamapi doesn't know shige's actual age!!?

actually, i'm not any better..
because besides forgetting what's my friend's actual age..
i would sometimes (or should i say..frequently) forget the date of my friend's birthday!!

i didn't mean it..
i want to remember it all..
but my old brain just doesn't like to memorize numbers..
to my brain:
numbers = a hassel and complicating

i scored quite well in Maths, during my secondary school days
*head scratching*

i've translated the Code Blue 2 Special Fan Mail..
all of you can click HERE to read it..
you can read it below/after this post


  1. lol Pi randomly mentioning Shige is most welcomed♥.

    I can usually remember which month my friends are born in, but there's too many of them born in April(myself included) so I mix the dates together, it usually takes me a couple of years to get it right without checking first. ~ XD

    thank you! ^^

  2. you're welcome and thanks for your comment ^^

    oops! mixing all your friend bdae dates together is bad~ haha. at least you can get it right. for me, i think if my friends give me a hundred years to remember. i will either forget or get mix up X) haha.

  3. ahhaks twice already mention about shige ne~
    maybe he just want other realize about shige's new drama will on air on his birthday ahahks~
    he want shige realize that too i think hehehe

  4. whoa another love for shige,
    is Pi really didn't know shige's age?
    sometimes he is so weird and cute at the same time, thank you so much for your translation ^^
    can't wait for their new single, member ai hunger hehe

  5. maybe it just slips his mind at the moment. Anyway, thanks for posting.

  6. when i first read the "what is SHIGE's actual age now?" i thought he might have meant shige mental age, because NEWS member say he is 30 :P I thought maybe Pi thought that shige might have grown down haha ...
    Anyways thanks for sharing ^_^

  7. @newskattuneito: oh ya~! maybe. haha. great thinking :) it's killing 2 birds with 1 stone. haha.

    @tenshitakarai: you're welcome and thanks for leaving a comment here ^-^ haha. me too! can't wait for their single >.< (24th Mar, please come quickly~) hehe. i think he knows just that like what cheryl said, "maybe it just slip his mind at the moment" haha. oh maybe, he is implying that the actions/thoughts that shige does/thought up didn't link to his age~?!

    @cheryl: you're welcome and thanks for your comment :)

    @newsxo: you're welcome and thanks for your comment. hehe. eh! same thoughts on the mental age. hehe. and LOL at "shige might have grown down" shige must be v happy to hear that (that he ain't an old man anymore :D)