Tuesday, February 9




i'm John

my arms are almost breaking

but it's cured.

always feel that the dimension and the weight are
just right!
to carry it in my arms is very comfortable!

the doll in the picture
appeared in
today's [CODE BLUE]

do check it for people who have not seen it yet!

today too, we have been filming since morning
because the weather is great, therefore i'm feeling great!

feeling refresh!

credit baidu

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john is so cute~
it seems (from the picture) like it was being hang on the handle of a door/cabinet?!
i'm not sure as i haven't watch this drama yet :x

i've translated pi's special fan mail 3 for Code Blue 2..
all of you can find it under this post or by clicking HERE

and i shall continue with my revision for tomorrow's test!

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