Tuesday, February 23




unexpectedly, today was

filming for [code blue] too!

erm~ yesterday afternoon, together with a male friend

we bought bento together and eat.

i feel that bento are continuously improving too, becoming delicious!

hence, actually what i eat for lunch isn't that important!

i really wrote matters which are not that important!?


personally, i think that writing these insignificant matters

precisely are my nikki merit points. 

but my stylist told me

my nikki has become slightly not be bothered?

remind me to take note 

really is a stylist full of compassion

hungry for comments and they are love!
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actually, i'm ok with anything..
so long as he got update, i'm happy

and i think that there's nothing wrong with "blogging" things that he likes..
all of us know that he loves food..
food is his life
therefore, by depriving him from "blogging" about what he ate today and the day before..
is like taking a doll away from a young girl..
(what a weird comparison~)

and i have translated the Special Fan Mail..
you can either read it after this entry..
by clicking HERE

original posting:-
date: 2.24.2010
time: PM10:35


  1. hehe, Nice comparison !
    As long as he updates, i'm happy too, even if it's about food...
    I wonder how many of his entries are about food? XD

  2. hahas. erm. i think approximately 75% of his nikki~?! XD what do you think?!

  3. haha I agree to, probably around 75 %