Saturday, May 23

no entry

yamapi did not update his nikki yesterday!!!!!!!

as a punishment to you, yamapi-dear..
you either have to get your chibi-chubby cheeks pinched by me

or you gotta bare your sexy body!!

dear, you've mistaken..
not to this extreme!!
NOSE BLEED Pictures, Images and Photos
see!! even your bestie can't take it

half naked is fine Embarassed Pictures, Images and Photos

that's more like it..
and you even ask takki & tsubasa to strip too!!
naughty~! naughty~!
LOL (such an evil wife bleah Pictures, Images and Photos)

by the way
yesterday was my sis birthday!!
happy 19th birthday, sis!! *muackx*

here's a cyber prezzie for you!!

hope you read this post and received massu's love and gift..
for this year, forever genki ne! *wink*

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