Sunday, May 17





i'm so in love with the ocean.

i love it so much, i want to have a relationship with it

today i'm still busy with activities.

credit to jky2734 @ xuite

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oh gosh!

by the way,
yesterday i went out with my friends
and collect something from her..

guess what is it!

Koi no ABO SINGLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

yeah! i don't need to watch subbed clips of this DVD on Youtube anymore!! (in fact, i didn't even watched a single clip on!! i don't really like watching long clips on Youtube, actually)
now i can watch it on my big tv! (erm..actually it's only 21"
i'm sooooooo gonna watch it tonight!
but after i finish my school assignment~

more shots of my single!

besides collecting my single from my friend..
i also help my sis to collect her Super Junior Super Show Concert DVD!

fyi: ryeowookie is my ichiban in suju..
and is so charming in that outfit *fangirl*

finally! we got this DVD!!
both of us were like waiting forever for this DVD to be released in Singapore..
but seems like stupid Singapore record company doesn't want to import it in x)
anyway i don't care about them anymore..
as i already got the DVD! =P

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