Friday, May 1





now i'm
suffering from a headache attack。

don't know why it is super painful

it feels like there's something in my brain。

oh ya。

this time in order to distract me from the pain!

i must do something。

in this case i shall go to Kyoto。

that is so wrong

any comments...
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firstly, as you may know..
today is Keiichiro Koyama's 25th Birthday!!!

Koyama Keiichiro Pictures, Images and Photos

therefore i wanna sing a birthday song to him :)
*clearing throat*
here i go~

Musical Note Pictures, Images and PhotosHappy Birthday to YOU
Happy Birthday to YOU
Happy Birthday to
Happy Birthday to YOU
Musical Note Pictures, Images and Photos

may you continue to be kind and sweet towards NEWS members this year!
and may all your wishes come true! ;)

next, in order not to celebrate another NEWS member's birthday alone..
i decided to join my friend and her group of friends in the celebration of Keii's birthday..
as this is my first time attending such a gathering..
i wasn't sure what to do or prepare the day before..
in fact, i was quite nervous..
i was afraid that my friend's group of friends will be hostile towards me because i'm a total stranger in the group..

but! they are totally opposite of what i thought..
honestly, they are a group of cheery, bubbly and super HIGH fangirlzz (^-^

during the celebration, we decorated the room, took lots of photos and even bought a cake to celebrate Keii's birthday..
not to mentioned..
we also watched NEWS Pacific Concert DVD on a super huge LCD tv!!
never in my life i see Yamapi-Dear so big and close..LOL!

here are some of the photos i took today (more coming your way in a few days time) :

this is us in the process of making a banner for Keii's birthday party!

this is the outcome of our work..we even hang HAPPY BIRTHDAY wordings on the wall smile Pictures, Images and Photos

this is what i'd drawn for my message to Koyama on the banner
cat's paws *meow~*

this is the cake..its a BAKERZIN cake!
expensive but yummy Yum Pictures, Images and Photos

more shotss

don't get mad at me
for not paying attention to you for 4 hours of our lives, darling~
today is your friend's birthday! Photobucket
even though i'm happily celebrating Keii's birthday..
you're always on my mind x)

*i'm seriously ill* LOL

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