Friday, May 8





recently it's been raining in Tokyo
don't you think it's a little too much?

some more it's dark and cloudy
so hot

oh no~

suddenly recall there's such a thing call the rainy season in Japan

what to do~

i don't think there's solution at all.

ganbatte in overcoming it

changing the topic

recently i've been eating cup noodle frequently.

the person who discovered this, is totally a genius

truely thank you

ano, tonight i shall eat again.

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oh gosh~
eating too much cup noodle is bad for your health, Dear~
there's lots of MSGxx in it!!

last night, my dad bought 10+ cup noodles..
then this morning,
i had cup noodle as my breakfast~
it's chicken abalone flavor!
super salty, super oishii~

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