Sunday, May 10





it has been such a long time since the weather is so nice today.

it seems like my mobile phone is faulty.

so long as items i have used, my feeling for them will develop.

if i were to pass it to shige, he might be able to fix it right.
it's because he seems to be an expert in electronic stuff.

isn't it?

recently i am an artist who is addicted to saying "isn't it?" as his catchphrase

when you are free please take note.

isn't it

hungry for comments & they are love!
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thanks to everyone who left their comment in my cbox yesterday!!
i love reading everyone's comments!
please write it even if it's just a simple Thank You ^^

by the way
yesterday, late morning,
my sis brought her boyfriend back!!

as this is the first time my family is facing such a situation..
everyone wasn't sure what to do~
but luckily everything went well..
from what i can remember, there's no awarkard moment
*recalling* hahas..

the both of them created a unique lunch experience for our family =)
which is a good way to impress his future family-in-law
(?? is there such a word by the way?!? LOL)
fyi: they cooked Katsu Curry Rice!
(the one in the picture located below these text)

the HU family katsu curry rice

it was so much better than previously what my mum and i cooked guilty Pictures, Images and Photos
this time the texture of the curry is so rich..
and the color for it looks so tasty and dark..
unlike previously,
the curry my mum and i cooked were so diluted and light in color :S
moreover, i like the taste of the fried chicken thigh!!
so crispy and juicy~

all i could say now is..
thanks for giving me this opportunity to taste a genuine tasty Jap curry =)

and my rating for it will be:

 out of 5 yamapi-oichii (you know~ must give allowance for improvement~)

to all the mothers in the world,

Mothers Day Pictures, Images and Photos

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