Thursday, May 14


words in purple
are words which YAMAPI-dear typed in english ^^




yesterday my grandmother prepared chinese cold noodles for me.

it really was very tasty.

it's been a long time since i took a photo of it.

summer is approaching
to be able to eat this, is an enjoyment.

when i was staying in Chiba
i would still make windchimes~

why not, i shall make windchimes this year too.

good idea

come quickly.

you-tachi! let's make windchimes!

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this is what yamapi mentioned in his nikki - the japan version Chinese cold noodle..
but they aren't the ones that yamapi's dearie grandmother cooked for him..(source:

yamapi dearie grandmother have been showing up at his house, recently..
showing her support and love to her precious hot-cum-handsome-looking grandson..
*aww~ so sweet~*
in fact, yamapi-dear deserve to be loved and cared by everyone who adores or heart Pictures, Images and Photos him..

newly added!

credit to watchful21 and baidu

this is the actual pic that pi-dear took for his nikki!!
yummy-loving-homemade-cold noodle heart Pictures, Images and Photos

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