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i'm sorry that today, i cannot make it to hand up my entry on time

therefore i shall write it tomorrow~

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thanks to watchful21 (for providing me the photos) & hope_rei (for telling me yamapi-dear took pic for his nikki)
i got those photos that yamapi-dear took for his Jweb the past few days..
for yamapi-dear's newly added nikkis..
click on the link below:


just finished watching Koizora the movie DVD!!

i know it's a little late~
this show is like 2 years old already!
but what to do?!? my school just bought it~
-.- LOL

overall the show was okay~
1/2 yamapi-yeah for it ^^
aragaki yui look super young in it..
as compared to when she's in code blue..
and miura's hair! i prefer his hair when he cut it short and dye it back to black


however, after watching this movie..
i wasn't obsessed with miura's character or with miura haruma!?!?
instead, i like gakki's character~

in the show, mika (acted by gakki) is very brave and strong (in terms of her inner strength)..
she follows and believes whatever her heart says..
somehow, through these, she has inspire me..
to be someone strong no matter what i faced in the future..
being true to yourself and you'll get what you want..

the part where i cried the worst


followed by
the part where he was going to die
cry Pictures, Images and Photos

however there are some sweet and funny part in this movie too..
such as


i was really LOL-ing when it's this scene..

*sweet Pictures, Images and Photos so sweet~*

and this!

the 2 of them looks simply gorgeous in this scene

after recalling these parts..
make me wanna raise my rating to 5!!
and wanna own this DVD!!
*mind fidgeting*

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